… And it’s a Ninja Boy!!

Yesterday was an enchanted and soul nourishing, super slice of awesome at the end of my week. It was the day of my 20 (well really 23) week ultrasound. I am convinced the doctors and universe made me wait these extra three weeks just to spite me for having a severe lack of patience in the gender verification department. But it was well worth the wait.

Within the first minute of my ultrasound, the black and white screen clearly confirmed what I have felt since the beginning of this pregnancy; our newest little kidlet is a boy!!

I immediately looked over to Zoren and we shared a sparkly-eyed moment of satisfaction as he completely lit up, letting out a squeal of delight. This was exactly what he had been hoping for and his elation was practically tangible as he bobbed up and down on his chair, grinning from ear to ear. Big sister was not quite as enthusiastic. In fact, her face immediately wrinkled into a scowl and the first words out of her mouth were “Aww, man! I wanted a girl”. Luckily, she has quickly warmed up to the idea of having a little brother and proclaimed that she will be changing all of his diapers, picking out all of his clothes, and taking very good care of him. Which I am sure she will do… at least the picking out his clothes part.

As for me, I am definitely excited to be having another boy. I felt so connected during those moments in the ultrasound room, yesterday. Connected to my sweet husband who spent much of that hour calming antsy children. Connected to my big brother and big sister cubs as I remembered my ultrasounds with each of them, pulling those same feelings of anticipation and excitement into our shared experience this time around. And connected to this little boy growing, moving, and thriving inside of me, my heart already overflowing with buckets of love for him.

I found such a sense peace while watching our little guy move around like a ninja on the monitor. His legs stretched straight out, then he kicked one foot up by his head followed shortly by the other foot. He started sucking on his hand for a second and then it shot out of his mouth and down to grab his tiny toes, before flying back up in a series of kung fu style hand motions in which I could see each bone of each finger absolutely perfectly. Every time the technician moved her magic wand for a different view, this baby would react by launching strong kicks and wee elbows in its direction, clearly irritated by the disturbance. I could have literally sat in that room all day, chatting with our super cool ultrasound technician, and watching our baby perform his own ninja ballet. It was perfection.

The rest of my day was frosting. Great conversation, baby shopping, mama shopping, and lunch with one of my best friends, who also happens to be pregnant with her second son. To me, this meant some much needed time away from the chaos at home to enjoy friendship and camaraderie, remembering what it feels like to let the stress of motherhood melt away for a few hours. We treated ourselves to some awesome belly dance finds and browsed designer purses at an upscale consignment store, spending much of our time laughing and talking and appreciating the opportunity to share one another’s company, without interruption from kids or husbands.

I returned home to two rambunctious preschoolers, and one tired looking daddy who were all very glad to see me. I was happy to see them, too. We spent the last hour before bedtime sitting together on the couch, coming up with boy names we liked, which were mostly vetoed by the kidlets. Then they started proposing names of their own, which mostly sounded like a bunch of nonsense (like “ah, lo, me, ah, nah”), before collapsing into a pile of hysterical giggles. It was a perfectly silly and fun way to end the day, like rainbow sprinkles on top of my frosting.



See, I told you she was warming up to the idea of a little brother!


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  1. Joy Ribar says:

    Beautiful writing, Erica! What a lovely documentary of your life to cherish. I love the ultrasound pics!

  2. Echo says:

    Congrats to the whole family! I teared up a little during this one…your stories and writing are awesome!
    Congrats again!

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