A Weekend of Sun and Sutures…

Our Saturday was fun and relaxing, and luckily afforded me time to play catch-up with some housework since we didn’t have anywhere in particular to be. We also did a little shopping for our Little Ninja, letting the kids each pick out a special gift to give him upon arrival (yes, Little Ninja is this baby’s official title until we can actually find a name we agree on). And we decided it was time to bite the bullet and sign up for a Costco membership, something we have talked about doing for a couple years now.

After a week of cold and snow, we were all ecstatic that it hit 60 degrees before noon on Saturday and took that as an invitation to spend the afternoon outside. Astoria insisted on digging out some of the baby gear that we have stored in the garage, along with her stroller, purse, and blankets so we could take care of her baby doll. She is such a precious little mama and I never tire watching her nurture her babies. She alternated between rocking her doll in the baby chair, feeding her with the collection of bottles she hoards in her purse, practicing her swaddling skills, singing bedtime songs, and pushing her doll all over the neighborhood at top speed.

Zoren was immediately drawn to the tiny creek of water that had formed in the gutter by the road as it rushed down the slope of our cul-de-sac, making new paths through the remaining unmelted snow. My brilliant husband decided that this was most definitely the perfect time for a little science lesson. The two of them spent hours building dams of snow to form a splash pool, experimenting with how fast or slow the water would rush through the snow river banks they created by changing the width of the creek bed, and talking about erosion, momentum, temperature, and the changing states of matter. Watching Steve and Zoren bond over their loves of science and engineering was absolutely fantastic and made this momma a little teary.







With as laid back as Saturday was, I should have known that Sunday would bring the drama. I woke up later then normal and was incredibly grateful that my husband had taken care of the kids morning routine, even making them some waffles for breakfast. I laid in bed for awhile, trying to catch up on some articles I have been meaning to read, when I heard a super loud THUMP come from above, followed quickly by an equally loud “Oh, shit!” from Steve in his ‘something really bad just went down’ voice. I immediately flew out of bed, far too quickly for my still temperamental round ligaments to handle and they screamed at me as I made my way upstairs, half doubled over in pain, while my husband yelled down to me for help. I assumed that Z had fallen and held his breath until he stopped breathing momentarily, which is really freaky but something he has done since his first injury. Although my heart skips a beat every time it happens, at least we know how to handle it. To my surprise, I came up the stairs to find a breathing boy with a trail of blood starting to make it way down his left cheek, originating from a nice sized gash above his eyebrow.

I immediately knew that this injury was going to require more then just some kisses and a band aid, so I wiped off the blood and taped some gauze over the gaping wound while Steve gathered coats and slippers. By the time we piled into the car to head out to urgent care, Zoren had already calmed down and the tears were gone. Despite the fact that we only had about 20 miles left on this gas tank, the 20 minute drive out to Children’s Hospital North was uneventful and quick. Luckily, the waiting room was empty sans the receptionists (apparently everyone else in the area was having a much safer breakfast experience) so we got taken back to a room immediately after they took Zoren’s vitals. As it turns out, his gash was much deeper then I thought, requiring stitches instead of glue. They put some gel and a bandage on his head to numb the area, which was a relief because I was sure they would be pulling out a big needle at any moment. The four of us spent the next half hour playing games and reading books on the Xoom and iPad before the technician came in to clean up Z’s head and prep him for stitches. The five stitches went in pretty slowly and I held tight to our brave boy’s hands the whole time as he struggled to stay calm though the fear and pain of being sutured. He cried a little when the doctor put in the last couple stitches, which were on the outside edges where the numbing gel didn’t take effect as well, but he was so tough and I was beyond proud.


After we were discharged with some care instructions, we made a stop at the store for some kids ibuprofen and of course, ice cream. Because ice cream makes everything better, or so I am told. And the rest of the day progressed just as uneventfully as we could hope for. Sure, Zoren insisted on jumping around the house and doing every dangerous activity that he could get away with, clearly unphased by the mornings events but at least there were no more injuries. My husband and I had a good laugh while reading the after care instructions for his sutures, one of which reads: “Do not allow patient to perform any tasks that require coordination for the next 24 hours”. Ha! I am still amused by that one.

Things I have learned from this experience:
1. I can totally remain cool, calm, and collected in a minor crisis situation, which is a vast improvement from our last head injury incident, which was suffered by Astoria and required a forehead glueing. I cried more then she did and totally panicked when I saw her head wound (which was less then a centimeter), not even able to think clearly enough to call the doctor without prompting from my husband.

2. Children’s Hospital never seems to disappoint. This is only our second trip there for an urgent issue and both of our experiences have been more then satisfactory. Every single doctor, nurse, technician, and even custodian that we encounter knows exactly how to relate to kids. Not once did someone poke or prod or touch Z without explaining, to him, not us, exactly what they would be doing and how it would feel.

3. Despite all the dangerous things that these kids do every single day, and despite my anxiety when watching them take these risks, the worst injuries they have incurred always seem to come from mundane things, like breakfast. Go figure.


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