Rockin’ Naptime Nest for a Little Ninja

Today is the first day of Spring and we are looking forward to some mild weather this afternoon which will allow us to get out of the house to enjoy the equinox along with a bunch of fun activities we have planned. Hopefully I will get a chance to share some of those on here tomorrow. But first, I wanted to take a moment to post about my most recent sewing venture, which had me up far too late last night, but is finally finished.

I found this basket, mattress, and stand at the thrift store for $15 last month and knew immediately that I had to transform it into a nap time nook for our little guy. We have a co-sleeper to keep our sleeping boy close by at night, but are foregoing a pack and play this time around, opting for this basket/bassinet instead. The portability makes it perfect for summer snoozes outside in the shade and I know Z and Stori will love that they can get close and peer into the basket when it is grounded, allowing them to really get involved and keep a watchful, curious eye on their little brother.




I bought this great “rock band” and bicycle fabric that not only complement each other, but also tie into other fun sewing plans I have in the works over the next couple months. A lot of the fabric patterns I have chosen for these nursery projects hold an extra special significance to me because, like the name we are choosing for our Little Ninja, they are completely intertwined with music and physics. I will touch more on that at another time, but for now, I hope you like what I did with this sweet basket!!

This bassinet project cost us a total of $25.50. $15 for the thrifty find and $10.50 spent on fabric, elastic for mattress sheets, and velcro for the hanging pocket. Can’t beat that price for a completely one of a kind, totally rockin’ nap time nest, huh?

Happy Spring!!

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