Turn Around the Day

Zoren had quite the dramatic day filled with complex breakdowns of yelling and screaming prompted by the most minuscule of things. I am sure this behavior is partially prompted by this chesty cough he’s had the last few days which seems to be zapping his energy and corrupting his usually pleasant attitude. But I think he was also just having a bad day, which happens to all of us and is something I can sympathize with since I had my own dramatic meltdown yesterday, just in time for his first speech therapy session.

I have discovered that parenting two preschoolers while going through a difficult pregnancy is much more exhausting and complicated then I ever thought it was going to be. Well, everything about this pregnancy seems complicated. From stress over conceiving to worries about viability due to spotting from low progesterone. Unending hyperemesis gravidarum that is still haunting me like the plague. And top that off with excessive migraines, constantly aching hips, and the lovely three hour glucose tolerance test I took today since I failed the one hour test, you will get one miserable, pregnant mama. And that’s me.

I lamented having to take that three hour test and was more then aggravated when I spent over an hour yesterday trying to schedule an appointment through LabCorp’s automated phone system. The fem-bot voice informed me that the next available appointment wasn’t until the end of the month which certainly wasn’t going to work since my OB wanted the test done before the end of week 28 (which is tomorrow). In the process of prying that information from the automated system I was disconnected four times because Zoren and Stori were providing fem-bot voice with more background noise then it could handle. It tried to make sense of the chaos my kids were supplying coupled with my desperate pleas for the “next available appointment” and decided after a few tries that there must be some malfunction and shut itself down. I wish I had that ability some days, to give myself three attempts at organizing the chaos in this house, then allowing myself some time to shut down for awhile and reboot.

Instead of scheduling an appointment, I did the early morning walk-in patient thing per the nurse on call’s advice. I think that after my eighth time through the automated system and the fourth call to the nurse, she could tell I’d had enough and gave me the easiest out. They got me in right away this morning and I drank 10 oz. of the nastiest sugary fruit punch concoction, hoping that my stomach could tolerate it after fasting for the previous 12 hours. It was rough and for the first two hours I wavered between massive nausea and unrelenting dizziness which eventually got bad enough that I had to lay down in the back room of the lab after the first hour. I was feeling much better by hour three and was beyond relieved when the fourth blood draw was done and I could go home and eat some lunch.

It was an incredibly draining way to spend the morning and coming home to an emotionally unstable Zoren was not exactly what I was hoping for. But as exhausted as I was and wanted nothing more then to collapse into bed for a nap after lunch, I could tell he needed me around. So while Steve tried to get some work done on his laptop, the kids and I played silly games and put together puzzles which turned out to be a fun, cathartic couple hours and reminded me that sometimes all it takes to turn a bad day upside down is a little laughter and quality time spent bonding with the people we love. My day certainly improved, Zoren’s attitude and dramatic mood swings improved, and we all ended the afternoon in a good place.

We celebrated the turnaround of our day by ordering pizza and breadsticks for an early dinner, which Stori was all about since she is the breadstick queen of our house. Then Z got to take a shower in the basement bathroom which he sees as a super exciting privilege since it doesn’t get offered up very often. In reality, I just wanted to steam the room up to clear his chest which helped immensely and he informed me upon his shower completion that I saved his day and he was ready for bed (an hour before his actual bedtime). Best thing I have heard all day :)




-Behold our grumpy day faces above, followed by much happier faces below :)

IMG_1973 eda6de10-ea15-4d01-84db-07d171edcb46_zpsd42e1782


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