… And A Foot Of Snow!

The past five days have been all kinds of exhausting and filled with sick kids and a sick mommy. Zoren’s chest cold got much worse and was accompanied by a terrible sore throat and stuffy nose. I took one look in his mouth on Saturday morning, after he had spent the previous night tossing, turning, and crying in bed next to me, and was pretty sure he had Strep throat. We were luckily able to get him into his pediatrician’s office right away that morning and the doctor took a look and came to the same conclusion that I did, probably Strep. They swabbed him and the test came back positive within minutes so we were sent on our not so merry way with a prescription for an antibiotic and instructed to rest, hydrate, and quarantine Z as much as possible for the next 24 hours to ensure pixie had minimal exposure.

While my sick boy and I spent the day watching movies and listening to music, Steve and Astoria got to have a daddy/daughter day at the zoo. It was a beautiful spring day and I was so glad they were able to get out and enjoy the warm weather and get a chance to have some one on one time which happens far too infrequently around here. When they returned from their zoo visit, Stori immediately gave me the rundown of the days highlights which went something like this…. “We had a fun time and I got to ride on the dinosaur train with daddy and we saw the monkeys eating and we saw the baby lions but they weren’t babies because they were big and I got juice in a pink T-Rex and we got popcorn for you mommy, aren’t you happy!?!” So happy :)

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The rest of the weekend was a blur of sleeplessness. I washed and disinfected every surface, blanket, and item that Z touched after the 24 hour contagious period was over and spent copious amounts of time trying to convince my little patient to take his meds and hydrate. It is pretty clear to me that Zoren will never be the poster child for smiles and optimism while being sick. Quite the contrary. He spent a good three days and nights whining and crying for hours on end, constantly telling me how much he hates being sick, and fiercely lamenting his stuffy nose and sore throat. It was a truly pathetic sight and made me wish all the more that I could take his place on the couch in our living room turned sick bay. The worst was when he started in with the “Mommy, I just want you to cuddle with me and take care of me, I am so so sick and I don’t like feeling sick” every hour. So heartbreaking.


By Monday morning, things were looking up and even though Zoren’s cough and stuffy nose were still problematic, he was able to get a fair amount of sleep the night before which, along with the antibiotics, helped his sore throat feel better and toned down the dramatics.

And then came the snow…

This storm system was predicted to start Monday evening and bring a max of 6 inches of accumulation by Tuesday morning. Imagine my surprise when it started snowing before Steve went to work Monday morning and continued throughout the day and night for a total of about 15 inches by Tuesday morning. Now the state of Colorado definitely needed the precipitation since we have been quite a bit below average for the season but I was hoping it would come in the form of rain, not so much a blizzard. By late Tuesday morning the creek by our house was rushing with the neighborhood run off since the sun was melting the snow almost as quickly as it had fallen the previous day.

The wet, easily packed mess made for great snowman building and snowball fights. Steve and the kids built a huge silly snow creature in the backyard complete with spinning rainbow pinwheel arms and a bowtie to match. I think the kids were really happy to get out and play in the snow, especially since they had been cooped up in the house for far too long, which isn’t something they are used to.

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We’ve had a steady but light snowfall today but are looking forward to a bit of warmer weather by the weekend. The kids and I are making slow recoveries and it has been a generally pleasant atmosphere of cuddling, reading, movie watching, and game playing. I think we are all anticipating a return to our normal schedules sooner then later though because the days are starting to get a little long and monotonous. In good time, I suppose.

I found out that I don’t have gestational diabetes which is a very happy thing and will allow me to focus my energies on other important tasks like finding a house to rent, packing up all of our things, and trying to prep as much as possible for the little guy that will be here in about two and a half months. We have so much still to do before the end of June and I know we will be cutting it quite close to baby’s arrival before we are able to get all of the gear and things we will need for him. I know we will make it all happen though. We always do!

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