Three Changes for Baby #3

With a third child on the way, I seem to be in a constant state of mental preparation, trying to improve upon my baby rearing skills this time around and focusing on keeping things as natural as possible. Now that we have successfully raised two little cubs through infancy, with a lot of fumbles and missteps along the way, I feel like there are a few specific areas that can be improved upon.

3 things we are doing differently with our third child…

1. Eco-baby needs a cloth covered bum…. I know cloth diapering seems like something that only really crunchy moms do, but after using disposable diapers with our first two kids (one of which has very sensitive skin), I really think this is going to be a great thing for us. We can keep all those nasty chemicals away from our baby’s little behind, save a ton of money on diapering (like about $1500-$2000 from birth to potty trained), and be environmentally friendly (disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose in a landfill). So, crunchy? Yeah, maybe a little, or a lot. But the important thing is that we are ready and excited to take the plunge. Besides, modern cloth diapers are super easy to use and clean, most can be adjusted to fit bum sizes from infant to toddler, and they come in the cutest colors and patterns. Needless to say, they are a vast improvement over the bulky dishcloths my mom was pinning on my naked baby bum in the early 80′s.

2. Taking a ride on the breast feeding train…. Need I say more? I had nothing but problems with breast feeding Zoren. Between his 24 hour stay in the NICU where they promptly started him on formula, a week on a light bed due to jaundice, latching problems, and both dairy and soy allergies, his breast feeding days were stressful and short lived. When Astoria came along 14 months later, I didn’t even want to attempt to breast feed because I didn’t think I could handle the pressure of that on top of caring for two little ones without any family or friends nearby to help, so that was a no go. This time around it is going to be different. Sure, I am going to have two other kids who need my time and attention, but at least my mama will be here for a couple weeks to help with them so I get some bonding time with the new babe and we can ease into this whole breast feeding business. I am not going to claim it will be easy or go smoothly because, frankly, I have no idea how it will turn out. But I am going to give it my all this time around and am even cutting all dairy out of my diet at the end of this month since Z and Stori both had dairy sensitivities and I want to cover all my bases with our little ninja.

3. It takes a village, or a small army… One thing I did not have when I entered babyland with my first two kids, and probably desperately needed, was friends. We had moved to Colorado from Wisconsin barely a month before Z came into this world, three weeks earlier then expected. Although we had some family and friends visit from Wisconsin for a few days at a time, we were lacking any real tangible support network in our new home. It was only about 5 months after we brought Z home, that I found out I was pregnant again, with Astoria. We were so excited because we very much wanted to have our cubs close in age but, in retrospect, I didn’t consider how difficult it would be to even take steps toward making friends while being a stay at home mom to an infant and battling morning sickness and migraines during a subsequent pregnancy. Needless to say, by the time our pixie was born, I had still not made any friends and still had no family in the area (despite my best efforts in trying to convince them all to relocate from WI).

And then a funny thing happened… A few months after Stori’s birth, after we found out she has hearing loss and started working with the early intervention program, our pixie started seeing a speech therapist. And a few months after that, this complete blessing of a speech therapist (in more ways then I can ever explain) introduced me to another mama whose girlie has hearing loss, just like Pixie. And this wasn’t just any mama, this was someone I could actually relate to and talk to, who listened to kick ass music, loved to go to the same concerts as me, was down with tattoos and piercings, had no problem dressing her sweet girl in anything with skulls…. could this be more freaking perfect?!? Well, lets just say that almost three years have passed since I met this rockin’ mama and was introduced to her great group of friends and although I still very much miss the friends and family I love back in Wisconsin, I feel like have finally found my place out here. After getting to know these new friends through tons of playdates, group outings, concerts, girls nights, and parties celebrating birthdays and achievements, I can definitely say that this little ninja, along with his older brother and sister, get to grow up with a little village looking out for them, led by a small army of totally rockin’ moms.

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  1. Adam says:

    So glad you’re happy out there and have some great friends, but it really makes me miss you!! But I know you won’t forget about us :)

  2. Kayla Wilcox says:

    Breast feeding is definitely rough. But remember you can always pump!!! I did for six months and it was soooo much better then i would have dreamed. If you have problems with you milk coming in? Fenugreek is AMAZING and all natural!!!
    good luck mama!!

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