Sew Spectacular

It occurred to me this week that there were still a few newborn necessities and nursery components that we should probably acquire before this little ninja arrives. For instance, five receiving blankets, one changing pad cover, no travel changing pads, and no sheets for the mini co-sleeper we plan on using will certainly not be sufficient. Especially considering how many blankets and changing pad covers we constantly went through with both of our other kidlets, one of which was a big time puker and the other who had notoriously explosive diapers. I also needed a crib skirt to cover the ugly gaping space between the crib mattress and drawers below that has been making me a little crazy to look at every day. Adding up the cost of these things came to far more then I was prepared to spend (something like $200+) so I made a trip to the fabric store and $80 later, I was ready to settle in for a few days of intensive sewing.

The five receiving blankets and four washable, waterproof changing pads were by far the easiest pieces to make using my serger. And although getting the proper dimensions for the three co-sleeper sheets, crib skirt, and two changing pad covers were a little more tricky and time consuming, they got completed, fit fabulously, and are quite adorable. I also used a bunch of the remnants I had to make some new place mats and coasters which we always seem to have a use for with two messy eaters in the house. The last thing I made (between spoonfuls of ice cream) was a cute reversible fleece tie blanket to lay on the grass in the shade this summer or on the floor in the playroom for our little ninja. Zoren and Astoria picked out the fleece patterns that were their favorite (pirates and outer space) to make it just that much more special.

IMG_3204 IMG_3203 cosleeper IMG_3195

IMG_3197 - Copy

Other minor details have also been taken care of this week. A final batch of cloth diapers and inserts have been prepped, bicycle and world map decals are up on the walls in the nursery, and we hung an adorable wooden bug mobile over the crib. The mobile is probably my favorite item in the nursery because there are five swinging bugs that coincidentally represent each member of our family. It is colorful, meaningful, and the absolute perfect addition to our little guy’s space. I have also managed to down another five pints of ice cream and half a dozen ice cream sandwiches in the past week which all must go right to the baby because I haven’t gained any weight in the last ten days despite the copious amounts of calories I have been consuming in frozen form.

d73aa40d-8437-4663-87dc-abd980dfd3bf_zpscaa4d5f4 (1) IMG_3191

As you can tell, I haven’t managed to give up the dairy despite my concerns about the probability of this child having dairy sensitivities. But as my doctor says, the ice cream is pretty much the only thing keeping me from losing weight instead of maintaining or gaining since I can only eat small amounts of other foods and basically live on cereal, fruit, and ice cream. Since I need all the fat calories I can get so this baby can pack on the pounds before he arrives and since I am a glutton for the many varieties that Ben and Jerry’s offers, I will just keep on consuming until C-section day. The only downside to this diet is that I keep having dreams that this little ninja is going to be a whopping 10 or 11 pounds due to all the ice cream goodness but my OB assures me that he is going to be pretty average sized, so that’s a relief. I may actually get some use out of all the adorable newborn sized clothes I have for him after all!

And now we are at a week and counting! In four days my mama will be here (yay!) and three days after that I will be getting strapped down to an operating table for this baby’s eviction!! I am so excited to meet the little ninja who has been tenderizing my organs with his karate chops and roundhouse kicks for months. I hope he is ready to join the crazy chaos that is our family because we are all super eager for his arrival! Astoria is especially stoked for her upcoming debut as a big sister and has been practicing her blanketing, diapering, and dressing skills for months now. She is going to be such a great helper!


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