Autumn Highlights

Things have finally settled down and we have found our new niche in “normal”. There are still occasionally a few kinks in our schedule and some sleepless nights, but generally things are in place. I have a little more time to myself again now that all three kidlets are on the same nap/quiet time and bedtime schedules. It’s great having an hour or two each day to spend sewing, baking, or writing.

There have been some ups and downs over the last few months but things are calming down and I am focusing on all of the good things that are on the horizon. Amidst the chaos of adding a new baby to the family, an emergency surgery, and other unplanned stressors, we had a lot of fun times and made some great memories this summer and fall. Here are a few highlights:

- Vox grew! Our roo is already four months old and most definitely qualifies as a big, healthy boy! He is a tummy time guru, constantly rolling across the blanket when I lay him down and giggles incessantly while he flops on the floor like a fish out of water. He is getting better at sitting without support and is a master at grabbing at or pounding on toys to make as much noise as possible.

Weight: 17lbs (80th percentile)
Height: 25.5 inches (75th percentile)
Head size: gigantic (99th percentile)
Likes: giggling with big brother and sister, good conversation, standing up, taking baths, rolling over, listening to music, stealing mommy’s iPhone out of her hands
Dislikes: being in a car seat, getting shots, being hungry for even a second.
4 months

3 months

8 weeks


- Astoria started a hip hop class at Artistic Fusion Dance Academy (the same studio where Z takes dance classes). Pixie is totally thriving there and loves hip hop.
stori hip hop

- Our three kids have bonded, big time! Zoren and Stori seem to be just as infatuated with baby Vox as he is with them. Whenever our little roo is awake, big brother and sister always appear with stories of the adventures they had while he slept. They haul toys and books over to wherever he is and happily play with him, read to him, and talk with him. Astoria even has her own pet name, “Little Gum-Gum”, that she lovingly calls baby V. These kidlets truly know how to melt a mama’s heart!





-We took a much needed family vacation to California with stops in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Two days at Legoland, an impromptu day at the San Diego Zoo, and an evening at Mission Beach were some of our favorite memories. Our kids are amazing travelers and we all had such a phenomenal time together.
















-We are enjoying the autumn with walks to the park, playing in any and all leaves we encounter, frequenting the pumpkin patch and harvest festivals, and doing lots of holiday crafts, activities, and baking.








- We had a terrifically haunted Halloween. Vox wore a homemade spooky owlet costume I sewed for him, Zoren was on the forefront of finding the perfect pieces for his Doctor Who costume, and Astoria insisted on being a pink princess in the new dress she sweet talked her daddy into buying at Legoland (for a small fortune). We went to Boo at the Zoo After Dark, Trick or Treat Street at the Denver Children’s museum, and a big Halloween party/trick or treating event with lots of friends.


Now, as we wade into November and transition to cooler weather, there is so much to look forward to. I really love the last few months of the year. From the beginning of October until the end of December we seem to celebrate nonstop, rewarding ourselves for a year well spent or another year survived. We focus more on staying in the moment, spending meaningful time with loved ones, and less time dwelling on the stresses that life brings and the pressing clock which we can never keep up with. We appreciate more of the small things each day has to offer, show more patience when situations get difficult, and smile endlessly when the kids make declarations of the things big and small that they are thankful for.

I can tell that Zoren and Astoria are really anticipating the first twinkles of the holiday season. The two of them are already whispering to each other about what they want from Santa when they think no one is listening and all of the bedtime song requests have been Christmas carols for over a month now. We are officially kicking off this holiday season in less than a week with our annual road trip to Wisconsin. Spending time with family and friends we don’t see very often seems like the perfect catalyst for a great ending to what has certainly been a rollercoaster of a year and we can’t wait to be on our way!

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