About Me

imageI am a domestic engineer, experimental baker, inventive crafter, self-taught seamstress, ambitious gardener, and horror movie fanatic. I love all things creative, especially when expressed through music, dance, photography, film, and writing. I am certainly a mixed breed of mom; tree hugging granola girl, meets former rebel and spooky kid, meets birthday party planning and craft loving goddess, with a fair amount of nerdy eccentricities and interests thrown in for good measure.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin but relocated to Colorado in December of 2008 with my amazing and crazy brilliant husband, Steve, while I was seven months pregnant with our first child, Zoren. While we knew that it would be difficult to move across the country, away from all of the family and friends we had ever known, it was definitely the best decision we could have made for the family we were starting together. Relocating allowed me to be a stay-at-home mother, teacher, caregiver, companion, and so much more to our son and to our daughter, Astoria (Stori), who arrived just fourteen months after Z was born. They are just the coolest kids to hang out with every day and I feel very blessed that they are mine to love and nurture.

Zoren is an inquisitive, intelligent, and affectionate four year old who loves anything involving math, science, experiments, or explosions. He is also very passionate about dancing, taking hip hop, ballet, and tap classes at a local studio each week. Astoria is our smart, sweet, and sassy little pixie. At about 6 weeks old, she was diagnosed with bilateral mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss, and started wearing hearing aids when she was three months old. While this diagnosis came as a complete surprise to us since there is no history of hearing loss in either my or my husband’s family, it didn’t change the way we felt about our sweet girl and will never define who this wildly dramatic, compassionate, beautiful, funny, and extraordinary little fairy girl is.

Now, nearly three years later, we are expecting our third kidlet (in early summer 2013) and could not be more excited to be expanding our family. I am in a really good place with motherhood, discovering and redefining the kind of parent and person I am and want to be. I still struggle to strike a balance between being a mom and pursuing other dreams and interests that have been put on the back burner for too long, but I am working on that. I started this blog, not only to give myself a creative outlet, but to make sure I am taking the time to pause for reflection, to document and remember these precious and meaningful moments with my family, and to share my journey through this life.